Quality Irrigation Solutions for Local Government, Industry & End Users
Ever been frustrated about the quality of your irrigation design or installation standard? Join us at the Quality Irrigation Solutions for Local Government, Industry & End Users – moderated by Peter Brueck, Certified Irrigation Designer and Irrigation Australia Board Member – at the Landscape Irrigation Conference & Exhibition, commencing on the 18th of June. The workshop is designed to provide guidelines for Local Government, Industry and end users to ensure a professional and efficient irrigation system and achieve an end result that will meet industry benchmarks. The workshop will provide education and guidance for end users and customers of irrigation design services.  The workshop will highlight the benefits of proper irrigation design,  the employment of Certified Irrigation, Designers, Installers and Operators which will result in optimum system performance and economy.

Irrigation Australia Certification
Certification grants you a point of difference in the marketplace. The program is highly regarded by customers to provide a service that meets or exceeds the average industry standards. Many state & local governments require that irrigation jobs are designed and completed by Certified Irrigation Designers & Professionals. It is also becoming a mandatory requirement that water meters in NSW and QLD are installed by Certified Meter Installers. Attend this workshop to learn more about Irrigation Australia’s Certification programs, eligibility and requirements.

The Waterwise programs have been highly successful and operational in Western Australia since 2004, and the purpose of the workshop is to explain how the programs operate and enable councils to determine if they could be adapted for their regions. The workshop will concentrate on the two key elements of the program as follows:

The Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program (WGIP) supports the professional irrigation retail industry.   The program was designed to optimise water use efficiency and reduce water use in the home.  Underpinning the program are the design principles, system specifications and installation standards that are deemed as best standards and practices.

The Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop (WIDS) program supports the professional irrigation retail industry. The program aims to improve water-use efficiency in garden watering systems by raising the standard of design and advice offered by specialist irrigation retailers through education and compliance to the Program’s standards and specifications.

Join our workshop and see how a Waterwise Program can save water and achieve a ‘waterwise’ community

TESTIMONIAL | Mr Retic – Bede Anderson
Taking on a complete career change, I chose to set up a business using the following 3 points (quality, speed and cost) – I chose quality as my driving force. This choice has been a great investment for my business.  By undertaking training courses run by the IAL and in addition joining the WGIP program  has set me up to apply this knowledge and skills to my business. The ROI has been proven in the growth and success of my business.  I am grateful that this training has allowed me to truly stand by my works knowing that my customers have the best waterwise solution for their homes. 

TESTIMONIAL | The Retic & Landscape Shop – Jason Rothery
I joined the WIDS program back in 2012 and have had my staff undertake the training and become endorsed.  From this platform we can spread the Waterwise message to a greater level of customers such as; trade, landscapers, retail, as well as the DIY market. Being endorsed has provided a point of difference to my business and my customer base trust that with this endorsement we are fully trained in best practice to assist in their watering needs and helping them save water in the garden.

Did you know South East Queensland’s (SEQ) bulk water storages have dropped below 70%? According to the Seqwater Drought Response Plan, when our storages drop below 70%, the region needs to be preparing for the possibility of drought. Come and learn about Seqwater’s drought response plan and discuss how we can work together to improve water efficiency in SEQ.  Seqwater will provide an overview of government requirements for raw water users in the region during drought. During the workshop, we will discuss a range of irrigation water efficiency programs as well as seek feedback from irrigators on a suite of actions to improve water efficiency in SEQ.

Irrigation Efficiency
Water efficiency is paramount and is a key requirement for any irrigation system installed and operated in all applications. Not only do we reduce water consumption but by learning about proper water scheduling, we also increase the yield of the plants being irrigated. Please come and find out how Irrigation Australia’s designed two day Irrigation Efficiency training course can provide industry colleagues with the skills and knowledge required to operate low volume and sprinkler irrigation systems, and to measure pressure, flow and distribution uniformity of an irrigation system.

Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

Come along and learn about the many opportunities that Rainwater Harvesting presents to our modern day society particularly with the careful utilisation of our precious resource, Rainwater. The workshop will discuss the approved rainwater harvesting design guidelines, water quality research, permaculture, stormwater utilisation and a range of modern products and technologies.

We have all heard of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) as I am sure we all have heard stories of mates hitting pipes and cables and the repercussions associated with those incidents. The DBYD Workshop will provide a concise understanding on the importance the service provides on safe excavation practices from the moment the DBYD enquiry is lodged through to the completion of all excavation activities on site.

The content of the workshop will include:

  • The DBYD service
  • Legal obligations
  • Reason for damages
  • Consequences
  • Utility Plans
  • Australian Standard AS5488
  • Certified Locators
  • The 5 P’s of safe excavation

Don’t think that working in the irrigation industry, whereby primarily involves working in private property excludes the need to lodge a DBYD enquiry. In regional Australia a vast number of majority of utilities have their buried pipes and cables located within private properties.

One of Australia’s largest damages to a telecommunications buried infrastructure asset was as a result of excavating in private property. Attending this workshop will ensure you are fully aware of the 5 P’s of safe excavation.

Irrigation Training
Build and grow your Career in a growing irrigation industry. Work to create an impact and help Australia move towards a sustainable future of water efficiency in the irrigation industry. Attend this workshop to learn more about Irrigation Australia’s (RTO # 91313) range of nationally accredited training qualifications and courses tailored to help build a strong and prosperous irrigation industry.